The Magic of Music

September 8, 2017

The Magic of Music


I am one of those weird people who hates silence.  Even when I am sleeping, I need some kind of background noise.  For some strange reason, it just helps my brain relax.  If it’s quiet, my thoughts are constantly running, and I get distracted from whatever it is I am trying to accomplish.  “Almost instantaneously, we have the ability to bring our minds away from the trap of its constant mental chatter, and into states of present moment awareness and enlivened being.” (Julie Lehrman)  Seriously, even when I am reading a book, I put on an instrumental playlist so I am actually processing what is on the pages. Weirdly enough, even upbeat music helps my brain relax and take a “thinking break.”  Music has always been my escape. 



Now when I was younger, I don’t think I recognized my thoughts were so distracting, I just knew I loved music.  I loved playing it, singing it, listening to it, watching it.  I loved being involved in it anyway I could be.  My first concert was when I was ten, (it was Nickelback, but don’t tell anyone) and I have been an addict ever since.  Something about live music is so exciting.  But it doesn’t have to be live to be exciting! Listening to a new album your favorite artist just released is another thing I find exciting.  Finding someone who shares your same taste in music is exciting.  Discovering a new song or new artist is exciting.  Hearing a song you love come on the radio is exciting.  Learning a song you love on an instrument is beyond exciting.  Music is just exciting, every single time. 



I have played the piano for some amount of years now, and I think that’s where my appreciation came from.  People are crazy talented, and I am in awe of what some of them are capable of creating!  And not just the musical part, but the lyrics as well.  I am a wordy person for sure.  I love words in all forms.  Bottom line, people who create and write music are pretty much magic.  I’ll share some of my favorite with you down at the bottom. 



Now I have rambled for way too long.  I just wanted to remind you (or inform you) that music can really make you happier.  It can also make you sadder, but being sad is lame.  I believe there isn’t a mood that music can’t fix.  Whether you need a pick-me-up or a song to just sit and cry to.  “Music can evoke the deepest emotions in people and help us process fear, grief, sadness, and resentment, even if these emotions are held on a subconscious level.” (Barry Goldstein)  Listen to more music this week.  Discover something new.  Share something old.  Pay attention to the way it makes you feel. 


Some of my favorite slow jams: 

Warm Foothills – alt-J 

Wake Me – Bleachers 

Australia – Conner Youngblood 

Hello, I’m In Delaware – City and Colour 

The Night We Met – Lord Huron 


Some of my favorite party songs: 

Gold in the Sun – Young in the City 

She’s American – the 1975 

Bad Behavior – The Maine 

Someone That Loves You – HONNE, Izzy Bizu 

Greek Tragedy – The Wombats










One thought on "The Magic of Music"

  1. The Quilted Papaya says:

    The movement of dance calms and brings focus to my mind. Hula brings piece to my soul.
    When focused on Aloha, the world looks like a better place. This lets me spread Aloha, and help make the world be a better place.

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