The Life of a modbod Shirt

May 8, 2017

Hi! My name is Cap. I’m a foundation piece at modbod. This is my life story.

I was born out of necessity. My mother was sheer and my father was sleeveless. They wanted more people to like them, so I was created! I usually hang out with one of my family members when I go out, whether my parents or my older siblings, named Low-cut and Bare Midriff.

I have a lot of friends, like Tank, Cami, and Demi. We were all made at modbod together. We actually all started out the same; as cotton plants and beech trees. The cotton was spun, and the beech was broken down into what science calls modal. They met with spandex and created our beautiful, soft cloth. This cloth isn’t cheap! It takes a lot of water to grow cotton, and the scientists who made modal worked really hard to make a cloth that was moisture-wicking, soft, and didn’t lose its shape, like cotton alone. In the end, I think its worth it, because our colors last wash after wash!

Next, we had to be cut into our shapes. A pattern-maker makes an outline of what shapes we need to be cut into, and then, want to know something cool? We aren’t cut with scissors, but with a saw so that lots of us can be cut at the same time. The person who has to use this special saw is very skilled and well-trained. We don’t want him losing a finger for us!

Once we are cut, we get to go┬ávisit the seamstresses. Each one takes their turn, adding their special skill to make us look great! Some of them are great at hemming, while others attach our┬ápieces together. Because we are made in Draper, UT, USA, they are happy seamstresses. They work in a clean, dry, and safe warehouse, get lunch breaks, earn a fair wage, and even get access to healthcare coverage if they want. I met a dress once who told me where her seamstresses worked. It took them a month to earn as much as mine do in an hour, and they didn’t ever get lunch breaks! They got sick from where they worked. I was sad for those seamstresses.

After we are sewn up, we go show off our stuff at the QC table. They trim off any of our loose strings, and make sure every stitch is exactly where it needs to be. If it isn’t, they send us back to get fixed or send us to a special place to wait to be donated. We get a fresh ironing, to be sure we look fantastic when we go out the door, then a little extra spruce-up with a tag attached and an affirmation affixed inside. The affirmations are new for us, but I really like them. We like to tell you that you are beautiful, even before you put us on!

So, as you can see, there is a lot that goes into my existence. I’m not just made in some nameless factory half-way across the world. I am made with care for you, and I anxiously await meeting you! It is sure to be a friendship that will last for years!

5 thoughts on "The Life of a modbod Shirt"

  1. A says:

    Love this article! How fun to read!

  2. Lynnette Loveland says:

    Fun!!!! Love ghis

  3. B. says:

    Loved reading this, and love even more that my favorite shirts are made here in the US, by workers who earn a good wage in good working conditions. Thanks!

  4. Roxane Holliday says:

    what a great way you choose to tell the story, I have loved all my Mod Bod shirts…I was sorry to hear the old ones went away… I had them in every color… I do like the new ones, they are more expensive and I would purchase more if you had all the past colors.
    I am tall so I have to order the xl and xxl only because my arm pits get choked. Hint give my pits more space.

  5. Ruth Bowes says:

    Great story and love your shirts

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