Stay Motivated & Inspired Everyday!

July 10, 2017

6 Ways to Stay Motivated & Inspired Every day!

We all have those days where we just feel “blah” and do not feel like doing much of anything. It happens (You’re human, thank goodness)! I aim to have those days as little as possible because, well, they do not make me feel very good! What picks me up from a day like this? Motivation & Inspiration! Motivation, to me, is not just about success, but your overall happiness and well-being! If you are motivated/inspired every day, happiness shall come! Having a motivated and inspired mindset every day is very important because you will switch from an unconscious state to a conscious state. You ARE in control of your life!

In this post, I listed 6 key practices that keep me feeling my best! Feel free to try them out if you’re ready to kill it every day!

Have a goal- Sounds pretty obvious, but if you do not have a goal, then what are you even motivated for? Think about your goals/mission and make progress towards it every day! If you don’t have goals in place, a good starting point is to write down a list of things you want. Whether it be the job you want, your dream house, or the purse you saw at the mall yesterday, WRITE IT DOWN! A great way to stay motivated is to keep this list at your desk, mirror, or somewhere that you look every day to constantly remind you what you’re working towards. I like to narrow my list down to what I really really want right now, and make it my focus for the month/year! Imagine the feeling you will have when you check one of your goals off your list! AMAZING!

Find inspiration, create a vision board- Whether you create a dream board on Pinterest or an actual vision board to hang in your room, both will help to keep you inspired and motivated every day! I am constantly searching for inspiration, whether it be for style, my house, or people to look up to! Believe it or not, finding inspiration and thinking about your goals/dreams every day will make it come to fruition. When you look at your dream furniture or read about positive role models, you are emitting a frequency that you are ready to attract these things into your life!

Read/Listen to Motivating Works- One of my favorite things to do on my drive to work is listening to a podcast, motivational speaker, or positive affirmations! I love to do this because it reminds me of simple things I may not have thought about that day! When I do this, I am motivated and ready to work hard when I step into work!

Do what makes you feel confident- This step is really up to you; do whatever makes you feel confident and ready to take on the day! Things that make me feel confident are:

1. Getting a good night of sleep.

2. Positive Affirmations

3. Exercise- not just for my body, but for my mind as well!

4. Waking up with enough time to look clean & put together.

5. A killer outfit!

6. Being nice to everyone around me!

Aspire to be better than yesterday- This one is simple! If you progress every day, that will only create more motivation and happiness. I do this by picking one thing from yesterday that I can do better today. Say, for example, you were 5 minutes late to work yesterday, aim to be 20 minutes early today! Baby steps will make you feel happier and more motivated every single day!

I am no expert, and by no means do you have to follow these steps, but I have found that if I am consistent and do these things every day, success, happiness, and great motivation will follow!

We all have our off days, don’t be too hard on yourself!



Tara Campbell


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