A Morning Routine for Success

February 27, 2017



It’s no secret that how you start your day has a significant impact on the overall outcome of it.

John C Maxwell said “You will never CHANGE YOUR LIFE until you change something you do daily. THE SECRET OF YOUR SUCCESS is found in your daily routine.”

We all remember those days that we were running late, spilled coffee on our blouse or forgot our lunch. These days easily make is seem like we are starting out on the bottom of the mountain instead of the top. I find that creating my morning before I have it always sets me up for success throughout the day.

Think of your day as a sold out concert and in order to perform the best show of your life, you have “pre show rituals.”

Create a Vision

Every morning you want to set the precedent for the day and the best way for me to do this is to consciously choose how I want my day to go. I keep a list of my personal and professional aspirations and everything in between.  I read through this list 4 to 10 times until I feel the emotion behind the reason why I wrote them in the first place this puts me in drive mode. It gives me the opportunity to remind my conscious mind of why I am doing what I am doing every day.

This sets the tone for who you want to be throughout the day and what intentions you have.

Save the coffee for midday

I used to down a cup as soon as I woke up just to give me enough energy to burst through my morning. I stopped doing this because I noticed I would crash 2-4 hours into my day and would go for some more caffeine. This is not a good habit to get in. As hard as it may be to wait you’ll enjoy the benefits of having an alert mind earlier in the day. I find the best time to have some coffee is between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. (Don’t drink it too late in the day so you aren’t up all night)  

There are movements we can make to get us out of bed that can substitute for coffee. These will give us that burst of energy we need to get us through the day! Some of the best ways are-

  1. Go for a 10-minute run
  2. A few yoga poses
  3. Do 15 Jumping jacks
  4. Down a full glass of cold lemon water
  5. Put on some music and dance around your room

Food as Fuel

This one is a difficult one for me because I don’t always have the heartiest appetite in the morning. However, it is important to remember our body needs fuel so don’t skip out on the chance to get your metabolism, body, and mind running faster. Pick foods that give you a burst of energy. I tend to lean towards smaller amounts of food with the most amount of vitamins.

  1. Oranges, Bananas (fruit of choice)
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Cottage cheese
  4. Protein Smoothies, Nutrient-packed juices (I like Suja juices found at your local grocery!)

However you do it, it’s always a good idea to create an amazing morning routine so that you can jump start your day with positive energy.


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