4 Common Blocks to Receiving

October 26, 2015

Receiving is not the same as giving – though it is the opposite side of the same coin. When we give, we move forward and extend out.  It’s a literal outpouring of movement and it comes from a direct and focused energy.

Receiving is more spherical. It is less direct and more spacious. Fully receiving is complete surrender, total dissolution. It’s centered in trust and a powerful sense of worthiness (because we are enough). To receive in the deepest parts of our being, we must know we are deserving of all the love and blessings in store for us – we must believe the Universe wants to (and will) give exactly what we need.

As Jesus said: “Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead?” (Luke 11:11)

The truth of the matter is, most of us have major blocks when it comes to receiving. We fear we are not enough, we don’t deserve to receive good things, or that somehow allowing ourselves to receive is sinful or wrong. Many factors play into our receiving blocks, but these four are the most common:

1. Fear: Often we fear what we receive. Many of us have been trained to expect the worst, or receiving in the past has been painful. Whatever the reason, it’s important to examine our fear in relationship to receiving to make sure we are not allowing it to block what the Universe has in store for us.

2. Mistrust: When we fear, we can’t trust. And mistrust is a powerful energy that blocks our ability to receive. To truly receive, we must trust the Universe’s love for us. We must believe people’s intentions are good. If you’re having a difficult time receiving, ask yourself who and what you trust, and notice where you need to expand.

3. Old Trauma/Wounds: Most of our mistrust and fear are deep-seated in childhood trauma. Our upbringing literally programmed our brains to wire and fire in very specific patterns. The good news is, when we think new thoughts and allow ourselves to feel new emotions, we can change the wiring in our brain – we can begin to create new neuropath ways. It’s important to heal the trauma and wounds from our childhood if we want to receive at our fullest capacity.

4. Beliefs: Beliefs are formed by our fears, our expectations, and the programs we received in our upbringing. Sometimes we don’t receive because we quite frankly don’t believe we can, or we only believe we can receive through very specific means or channels. The truth is, beliefs are limits. We can only receive what we believe we can receive — that’s as far as it goes. In fact, the less beliefs we have, the better. When it comes to being fluid and flexible receivers, its important to be in the moment and release attachment to expectations and beliefs. Beliefs make us feel safe, but they also get in our way. Being in a state of expectancy is the ideal way to move through our beliefs and not allow them to limit us. If you have to believe in something, choose to believe in everything – anything is possible. That way the Universe is not backed into a corner by your own limitations.

What is the Universe trying to give you? How are you blocking it? How can you open up to receive?

Giving is impossible without properly receiving, so allow the Universe to fill you with delights of all kinds. You are worthy. You are deserving. You are enough.

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